ColorFast Features

Dispense Speed

For gravimetric dispensers, where software has a direct bearing on dispense times, we always see an improvement when compared to the existing software.  A typical dispense time (ink user, 5 component batch, 20kg) is around 3-4 minutes.  It is not uncommon to see a dispense system improve from 8 minutes per batch to 4 minutes.  All times are, of course, dependent on the materials being dispensed, the pump and pipe sizes and other factors.


ColorFast operates a wide (and growing) range of Gravimetric and Volumetric dispenser systems, plus Check Weigh systems (scale plus PC).  Applications include liquid and paste ink dispensing, textile dye or print paste dispensing, leather pigment dispensing and stenter chemical dispensing.  ColorFast is networkable and can operate in various configurations from a single PC plus single dispenser, up to a large system with multiple dispensers and multiple PCs.  Because it is networkable, you can access ColorFast information from any networked PC provided you have a licensed copy of ColorFast on that PC.  Also, we can offer intranet and internet access to ColorFast data.  Intranet access is ideal for accounting/purchasing departments; internet access is ideal for ink suppliers to connect to their customers.

Data Transfer

ColorFast has various links for data transfer to and from other systems.  These are 3 types of data transfer:

  1. Color Systems. Here, ColorFast receives recipes and corrections from a color system.  Those recipes can then be dispensed as required.  Depending on the color system, recipes are either transferred from the color system using a button within the color software, or are grabbed directly by ColorFast.  Currently, we have links to DataMatch, ChromaCalc and LargoMatch.
  2. Dispenser Upgrades. We can transfer your recipe database from your existing dispenser software, using one of a number of automated programs.  Currently, we have programs to transfer data from Prodex, Formatix, Informix Textile Printing, Informix Textile Dyeing and Bespoke TMS.
  3. Production System Link. Here, jobs are entered into an existing production software system which then sends job information (e.g. order number, pattern/screen data, recipes, required weights) to ColorFast which then stores all the information and places the job in the dispense queue.  Actual dispense information can be sent back to the production system for job costing and stock control.  Currently we have such a link for Van Wyk production software, plus a generic link for outputting dispense information in an ASCII file.

Press Returns

Ink returned from a press can be reworked in a number of ways; the ideal method depends on the circumstances.

  • Direct re-use is the simplest method, where the software offers returned tubs of the same color as required for the new job.
  • Mathematical re-use allows the system to change the shade of the returned ink to match the required color.
  • Partial re-use extends mathematical returns and improves accuracy by weighing the returned ink on the scale.
  • New recipes may be imported from a match prediction system, to re-use a large tub of returned ink that has been matched from a draw-down.
  • A very efficient method is for the match prediction system to produce a recipe that describes the tub of returned ink, from which ColorFast can automatically dispense from that tub into all appropriate new dispenses.