Reveng for Windows

Creating essential documentation to support essential equipment

RevEng is a reverse-engineering program that deduces a circuit diagram from an example PCB.  Click here for more information including pricing.  SCCS wrote the PC software for this system.

Many support organisations do not have essential diagrams and are forced to use external or overseas repairers. This may be unacceptable for commercial or operational reasons. In military and government organisations it is essential, for security reasons, to repair equipment locally rather than overseas.

Severe problems result from a lack of product documentation. These adversely affect all parts of the support operation including

  • Field maintenance – less efficient field engineers
  • Workshop repair – more scrap and longer repair time
  • Logistics support – increased levels of spares inventory

There is the problem of “legacy” equipment where the original supplier no longer exists or is unable to provide support or spares. In this situation there is the need for design and manufacturing information so that replacement parts can be built.